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House Rules
House Rules... where rules are made not to be broken...

House Rules is a fun game which allows you, if you're a parent/guardian, to enter your own rules (chores) for a game of chance. Once the rules are added you can go to the Game screen and get all your kids to spin the “Wheel of Destiny” to see what chores they must do.
All the Rules are displayed on the wheel. Once the wheel comes to a stop after a spin, the House calls out the details of the chore.

If you’re in a party mood, you can always create a new House (and a new set of rules) and let your imagination run wild. Instead of chores you can create some “friendly” forfeits. Apply a safe amount of alcohol and you get an instant drinking game!

There are plenty of possible uses for House Rules. Tell us how you use yours.
Give everyone a chance to spin the “Wheel of Destiny” to decide their fate. 

When the wheel comes to a stop the House has the pleasure of dishing out your chore or forfeit.

Fun for All
House Rules gives you mountains of possibilities to create your own dastardly forfeits or nasty chores. 
It’s a game that can be enjoyed by all age groups. 
Give kids the “enjoyment” of getting a chore. The next time you’re hosting a party, why not whip out your iPhone or iTouch, add a splash of booze and think up of some crazy forfeits or fun dares. All of this decided by the “Wheel of Destiny”

Make Your own house Rules
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